Online Learning Courses, New Year, New Cause, Udemy & New You?

Online learning courses - photo leaping from 2017 to 2018
Wishing you a Happy New Year – 2018
I’m quite excited tonight… New Year and all that… I’m a bit of a collector of online learning courses… as well as currently halfway through my hons year of a degree. 

Stepping Stones

The reason I mention online learning courses is because over the last few years, by purchasing one for Microsoft Office, it encouraged me to steady concentration enough to ‘think’ and stop some of my silly ‘self-doubt’… after ‘two of the big life changes’ that came my way 2013.

Prior to this over the years I have used SAMS Teach Yourself  xhtml and css in 24 hours, books and volunteer webpages giving tips, alongside World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  standards to validate my studious hours of coding in Notepad with great satisfaction and pride.

I had self-taught skills dating back to 1997, when I became the proud owner of a 40mb hard-drive home computer. The technological and digital world has changed vastly over the period 1995 – now. I had started off with a ‘state of the art’  5 interchangeable daisywheel, A3 electronic typewriter!  You could change font?  Wow!

Nowadays, young people would be hard pressed to know what a daisywheel is. Now it is rare for anyone not to have access to computer, laptop, tablet, and ultimately SMART phones.

My online course then took me round the corner to the local adult flexible learning unit/community centre and two ECDL’s successfully completed with great marks.  And that… after one year gave me the confidence to go to the open day at my local college. Thinking on more Office software type admin skills to instead, jump in the deep end of 3rd year of a degree.

So, little steps that can lead you to big mountains and knowledge, always, always brings you a sense of growth.

Online Learning Courses, New Year & Udemy

Why I’m writing tonight? Udemy … these courses are peanuts to buy and I saw one on sale today via a newsletter which will endorse a lot of what I have encountered this last academic year – some grounding and a great deal more towards successfully understanding more about what my potential clients/customers need in the way of support. How to provide an even better customer experience.

Udemy, GoRaise & Spider-ede Appeal

The most important surprise for me though is that… Udemy supports GoRaise – THE SPIDER-EDE APPEAL. I added this App to my browser just before Christmas when I heard that my kind and helpful friends (who have given me so much guidance with my web designing skills) David and Sarah’s little grand niece had been struggling with headaches and possible diagnosis of DIPG. They are trying to raise awareness and help Edie journey across to Mexico to receive the life-saving, pioneering treatment that is available there.
When I made my tiny purchase, Udemy gave £1.75 towards their cause. That thrills me, because, I get to learn, the person who compiles the course gets a customer who may wish to buy more courses (this is my second by this instructor) and more than anything, I get to help a little towards Edie’s treatment.

New Year, New You!

 I know, I will continue to enjoy learning new skills, and a better understanding about how the world ticks, and how I tick. I want to wish you all a wonderful journey through 2018 and hope that maybe my blog item does not come across so much as an advert or an appeal, I know you all have your favourite causes, but more, you catch my excitement; it might offer you the opportunity to enjoy a browse on some of the things you might want to explore more, such as a hobby, interest or skill.


Who knows what road you may take up after this? Whatever it may be, have fun!  And if it also inspires you to add the ‘GoRaise’ App to your browser to help Edie or knowing that what you buy helps others, even better!

Happy New Year!

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