Business Creativity, … and clouds

Photograph of clouds - creativity
If you look out of your Window, do you ever see the same cloud twice?

Is Business Creativity Fluid?

If you observe the sky you will notice that cloud formations change constantly in extraordinary fashion; giving an image of fast-paced fluid determination and strength. But also consistency in a path. Business creativity, likewise, needs to be reactive like clouds.

So, how and why do you compare Business Creativity with Clouds?

Well, in order to answer this, I have to ask another question – what is the purpose of clouds and how are they created? The first thing I noticed is that clouds are interventionalist and protect stakeholders. Sort of like customer service. The Sun, if you like is a leader providing heat and energy whilst the earth is like consumers who like heat but also don’t want to get burnt or thirsty! If we get too cold, we die. Likewise, if we get too hot, we die. And if we have no water, everything dies!

According to ISCCAP, clouds form “by the motions of the atmosphere that are caused by the warming or cooling of radiation and precipitation.” So, they form fast to cover the areas needed. Their pattern warns of danger coming, provide shelter and nourishment. They have a transient nature.

Business Creativity cannot stand still. It is determined by the economy, digital enhancements, supply and demand. Elasticity! Ownership and teamwork go hand in hand. Being able to predict and foresee where the need is and where the opportunities lie. Being ready to change the path on the emergence of a decline, legislation changes, world trading agreements – you name it! Ready to be on the move. Proving when potential customers view your service or product, that it is a thing of beauty.

Clouds are emotionless; humans are not

Very true! Humans make errors, Businesses make errors. However, every failure or stumbling block gives an opportunity to develop. Businesses, unlike clouds, don’t always listen to the atmosphere and report back. Instead, we can often get stuck looking at the same problem, missing new data created constantly. We also tend to think in timelines. New Year – New Start; Monday, new week, tomorrow – another day. However, there is now. Clouds still move around during the night.

For me, it’s not Monday Morning, did I miss the opportunity to be motivated on Monday? Is there a set time limit to ‘thinking’ outside the box? No, not really. Grasp the moment, observe the clouds; business creativity is about always being open to new insight and building fresh moments regardless of the clock.

You never see the same cloud twice. That’s why you keep looking! There is beauty in fluidity.

Image of the Moon surrounded by clouds at night
Even in the dark, clouds are creative

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