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A Big Thumbs Up For Dunfermline’s Salvation Army…

Welcome to Summer! Finally we have it, glorious, HOT and just what the doctor ordered!

I just so happened to be trekking back up the High Street from the City Chambers this afternoon and happened to notice this:

The Salvation Army Shop, Dunfermline

Nothing spectacular or incredible there I here you say? We’ve all seen one of those… BUT… look closer, nearer the ground 🙂


This made me smile, and back pace to take a piccie. Thank you, to the caring people/staff/volunteers in this shop. Our four-legged furry friends will be very grateful for your kindness 🙂

Wishing everyone a fantastic evening.

A Golden Moment In The High Street

Just after I finished my meeting on Friday morning, I wandered back into Dunfermline town and this guy caught my eye. Somehow, he’d managed to find an invisible chair in the High Street. And stay there.

I actually took a little clip of him from the side to start with, because, I tend to be a little shy. Then I wandered into the shopping centre and he was still there when I got back. Hardly ever standing up this man had incredible balance. I just had to get a little nearer.

I managed to catch him when the High School lads were on lunch break and they seemed to enjoy his act, heh.

Glad to say, he was well supported by many and yeah, thank you Golden Man for providing us with a little free entertainment to brighten our day.

Remembrance in Dunfermline – Visiting Memorials

Remembrance Sunday has always held a special meaning and reverence in my heart. My father served in the Royal Navy for 24 years from a boy seaman growing up, active service during World War II and on until he retired in 1960 as a Senior Chief Petty Officer.

When I look at photos of him now from when he was a very young man in uniform, I cannot help but think of those who were so gallant during both World War I – ‘The Great War’, and the Second World War.  Their sacrifice and selflessness was huge.

When I was much younger, perhaps even a teenager starting to learn about Modern World History at the age of 13/14, I thought being 19-20 was ‘old’. Twenty one definitely over the hill! Now, I can reflect and see that my own children are at this age, and I can start to understand just how much respect these young people who serve deserve for the amount of responsibility that lay on their shoulders.

I am on a learning curve with how things were here in Dunfermline, and so I have taken the opportunity to wander around the internet looking for coverage and history, and also checked out a few books from the library for further reading.

I was delighted to find on YouTube this very old clip of the unveiling of the memorial in Dunfermline by Sir Ralph Anstruther.

By visiting CWGC – Commonwealth War Graves Commission website I was able to find photos and small details of Dunfermline (Douglas Bank) Cemetery.

The 1914-1918 War Graves are located in a naval plot which is situated on a mound in the centre of the cemetery. During the 1939-1945 War the cemetery was used for the burial of servicemen, the great majority of whom were men of the sea and lie in this naval plot. There are, however, a few war graves in other parts of the cemetery.

A Cross of Sacrifice has been erected in a central position in the naval plot.

I have found this on a walk recently along Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, but I have yet to go in and explore. Also on this website you can research casualty records.

Another site, I am sure I will use as a constant reference is Dunfermline Auld Grey Toon – At Your Service.
Again, some wonderful old photos showing historical detail of Dunfermline.

A book by the title The Auld Grey Toun, Dunfermline in the time of Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919 by Eric Simpson, is available in the local library.

If you are interested in finding out more about a career with the services the following details may be helpful:

Address: RN & RM Dunfermline, TA Centre, Elgin Street, DUNFERMLINE, KY12 7SB
Phone: 08456 075555

Location: Situated within The Army Careers Information Office in Elgin Street, about a 5 minute walk from Dunfermline Town Railway Station and a 10 minute walk from the main bus station.

Opening Times: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 0900-1630. Friday 0900-1600. In all instances an appointment is required. To book an appointment call: 0845 075555.

Further exploration brought me to another news article in the Dunfermline Press: ‘Garden for Heroes’ to Honour West Fife’s Fallen a new place being planned to visit and pay tribute to our service men and women of recent conflicts that continue around the world.

I know this is late, and I know Armistice Day has passed, but those who have given and continue to give everything to allow us the freedom, liberty and safety that we have are worthy of being remembered every day.

Please continue to support our services and their families. Follow this link to find out how you can actively help: Poppy Scotland – Home Page.

Thank you for your visit.

As this is my first post on my new blog, I will in time, come back and edit.  I have a lot to discover in Dunfermline, and I do hope you will enjoy my journey and perhaps add to it with any personal information you have.