December … is for the Children.

This month I very much wanted to contribute in some small way to raise awareness for Children. Whilst walking through the Kingsgate Shopping Centre today – I saw a couple of boxes to donate presents and decided when I came home to research ‘Cash For Kids’.

On Radio Forth’s webpage it says:

“Cash for Kids is the official charity of Radio Forth.

We have been helping children in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife for over 30 years.

Cash for Kids helps children who are disadvantaged through poverty, sick or disabled. We also help groups and organisations that work to improve the lives of children. We are always looking for individuals and organisations to get involved with Cash for Kids and help us to raise more funds. …”

Registered Charity Number: SCO 41421
Contact Cash for Kids Tel: 0131 475 1332

Cash for Kids,
Radio Forth,
Forth House,
Forth Street,

You can visit their website here: Radio Forth’s Cash for Kids – Children’s Charity They have a YouTube Channel where you can see several videos for their cause: ForthOne973

And you can donate directly online here**: Donate to Radio Forth’s Cash For Kids Online

Anyone reading who is interested in sponsoring Cash For Kids and gaining an extra link to their own business website via the Fine Print Dunfermline Business Directory – online, wherever there is a link space labelled “Enhanced listing available here” up for grabs on any page or new category (I can create the page especially for you to get top link if it doesn’t exist) – please get in touch with me.

100% of the £10 suggested will go straight to Radio Forth’s Cash For Kids by your direct donation online via the link provided above**. Please let me know if you are doing this so that I can update your details where requested.

Even if you are not interested in being a part of the directory, please do consider donating!

Thanks again.

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