Fine Print Fife Business Directory

The purpose of this directory is to provide a space for all local businesses to promote their services to the public.

This will take the form of a business card allocation space with contact address and telephone number directly underneath.

photo of business card insert
Business Card Insert and details of business owners company address and phone number.

In the left hand column you will see a list of enhanced links. This is a provision for the card holder to take top space and present their website.

There is not a charge for this service, I’d like to think of it as a way of linking our businesses and our community.

Fine Print Business Directory - photo listing N-R
Fine Print Business Directory – categories N – R


Enhanced Links
On the left hand side of every card and every category/page/listing – there are more enhanced listing spaces. Again, this is for website links. These though, will not be free. A very small charge of £10 will ensure your weblink stays there for the duration of this website. I hope that will be for many years to come!

photo of listing for property maintenance
Listing of businesses under Property Maintenance

These links are purely optional and again, I stress, no charge for a business card to be included even if you don’t have a website.

To see a business card, click on the maroon link under the category – all maroon links are live, blue text in the body of the page is used when a business does not have a card or link.

On the left hand side, the enhanced links lead to the business owners own website. The spaces taken will have a name.  All others are up for purchase.

The good side of this enhanced link – even though there is a small charge – is that during November (what is left), December and January – 100% of this will go to a charity (mostly local) of my choice.

I will give details of the charity of the month as we go along.

After January, 50% of the charge will be taken for my time in joining the dots and hosting costs, and the other 50% will still go to charity.

For November, I have chosen ‘Movember’ and I do have a local Fife ‘Movember Man’ I have approached who will have his article available soon, as a posting in my blog and details of how to sponsor/donate to his page.

For December I will be looking for a local charity to give to for children, with Christmas around the corner – it would be nice to think we can put out a smile or two.  If you run a children’s charity or have a suggestion – please get in touch with me.

I hope you will agree, using a business directory in this way, allows us to showcase our community and give a little back at the same time.

Access Fine Print Fife Business Directory <--- Here UPDATE: Please welcome our ‘Local Movember Man’ Christi MacPherson

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