Out of System Resources…

This was my status yesterday, out of waking from a hugely intensive dream! And, a pondering on two nights prior when I received this message in the wee hours of the morning and Google Chrome gave up the ghost.

The Dream…

It was a cross between Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and Alice In Wonderland, if you may.

Once again, I wake up late and tired, daughter is getting herself ready for her new school (the old one I went to) she’s running late and telling me I’m useless – she looks like someone I know, but she’s not my daughter – she’s a teacher, masquerading.

I pull myself together and follow her out the door, concerned as she’s never been this way before, it’s a long walk and I want to make sure she is alright… she walks too fast.

Soon it is apparent that she’s taken another route from what I would do, and I feel very lost when I try to catch her up… the trees cover the pathway shading the light overhead. I am so aware of being late. I see a bus and stop it and get on. As I do so, it dawns on me that actually, we’re not far from the school, just ahead of it, and I don’t really want to be on this bus. I paid £1.53 as well! And I get off at the next stop and try to backtrack. I see my daughter up ahead. The white railings of a tall modern comprehensive school’s gates… teenagers playing football in an adjoining park.

I’m not quite sure what happens next, but suddenly… we are together – with my other daughter and diverted. It is as though we are at the top of tall pine trees and we see this massive iced white cake. A sort of art exhibition – marked “New World”, and we enter… we are walking for miles, we have somehow missed the school and end up way over by the hills, but by the sea. It is quaint, and quiet, I feel sure I’ve been this way in a dream before. The buildings are those you’d expect in a small fishing village, craft shops, flowers, feelings of touristy attractions in their windows beckoning us in.

There is a highway – that’s not right! We try to look at road signs that might lead us back to where we want to be, but, they are names of places we’ve never heard of, and we’ve no idea where we are now…

We turn round and climb some steps (you have to almost crawl as there is very little headroom) and at the top, there are huge rocks with barnacles on them, sort of more like bells, dark black – and they sing, and the people (men) sing with them, a sort of hum in honour of these spectacular monuments of time.

We turn and go up some stone steps. It is like a mini supermarket – craft shopping mall – very, very different from anything I’ve ever entered before in my life – it is underground. Beautiful clothes of a different age or time, one that we haven’t yet met, not the past. Up the stairs there is this large mannequin type doll person, who ‘watches’ us. Her head turns slowly and she says nothing, but she feels my tension and unsurety, and she nods in a disagreeing, warning but agreeing way, as if to say, no, you are right, don’t go there.

We enter a room, and it is slightly dark, in the shadows, waxwork grannies jump out and come alive, pointing and hushing us, as we pass quickly, further – knitted animals do the same. It was very frightening and we can’t wait to get out again.

Sarah says we should go up this ladder – iron rope steps. I am unsure about this, it doesn’t feel like a place the public are meant to go. We go anyhow. Up the top the iron ropes change to tie-dyed, weaved ladders like the kind that cross a gorge – not too much between you and the end of the world. I feel myself fall, I see nothing under my feet, but I land on what is now, tyres upright – a new path. Someone near me tells me not to worry, we are still on the aeroplane, remember? We cannot get hurt, we cannot fall, we are safe, it is all an illusion. But, I’m grabbing another rope and manage to get myself up safe.

Terrified, I realise, I have lost my daughters. I may never see them again, but I’m clinging onto the man’s words of it all being an illusion and we will get back together. There are lots of people on this journey – all going in different directions. The path keeps changing – it becomes a plum velvet carpet with tables and teapots – we are on an elevator going up – somewhere? It turns into wood again – bare brown trees. I look at my mobile, and see it is asking me to play games I’ve never heard of, and the people around me, laugh with me. Then it dawns on us that I could try and contact my daughters with my phone? Not to give up hope. I still feel panic that we will never be reunited, we feel so far away from each other, not just distance but years.

I never got to the top of the elevator. I woke! Shaken and my arm hurt. It was good to realise I had been dreaming, but still, very scary.

The Logic…

1) The wandering around in strange places that are quaint – the day before I’d talked with friends about places in Scotland, Menstrie, Pitlochry…

2) The cake, exhibition and the weird, vivid colours… I’d been sorting books, very, very quickly. Art books, massive – full of Surrealistic images – I flicked the pages very fast…

3) The elevator with the plum carpet and tables set with white table cloth and teapots? The wedding I am planning to go to.

4) Feelings of being lost and on a journey – the holiday I plan to take, familiar places down South where I went to school…

5) The scary mannequin doll person? Johanna had been telling me about the new XBox with the camera, you can never switch off as the console will not work without it on, Big Brother action.

6) The wax grannies? We plan to visit Madame Tussaud’s – the knitted animals? Canopy Woods – exhibition of knitted life 🙂

There are many, many other associations I could probably come up with connecting my ‘awake’ moments with my ‘asleep’ moments – the state of dream.

I think one of the most important one’s for me though was the reassurance from a stranger that, no matter what happens, I cannot get hurt – I am on a steady journey. It is true with my actual life, I am going through so many changes all at once, so many that it is hard to manage time and know how to focus. BUT… it will turn out all right. Nothing I go through with all this will harm me, the plane is still on track, but taking a scenic route.

The dream is just my brain – much like my computer – and I was just – out of system resources, temporarily. I needed to defragment myself, and put all my files in order – so that I could find them again when needed. There is a danger of burnout, and maybe I do need more ram, I am a bit outdated! 😀

Again, a day late – this is day two of my blog exercise. “Write a list post?”


A Light Hearted and Loving Fictional Glimpse of a Modern Day Conversation with GOD

Hi Janet, I’m God, I have decided the day has come when I ought to embrace change and start up an account on Facebook. I’d like you to be my friend, will you add me?

Sure thing, God, only, I need to know a little more about you. Firstly, how do I know you are who you say you are? People often make up profiles of people they idolise, and in this world I live in, there seem to be so many faiths and they are all fighting with each other.

Yeah, that’s a bit of a dilemma. See, there really is only one God, me… only, people like to give me nicknames – Some call me Father, some call me Yahweh, El Shaddai, Ha-Shem, Jehovah, some call me Holy Ghost (probably because they can’t see me) Some call me unpronounceable names – I have so many, some even call me, ‘good’. It’s a bit like when you had a baby – you had a pet name for the little one whom you hadn’t met, but already loved, remember? Pookie, Muffy, and Percy? 🙂 Oooo, look I found the smilies!

Well, I kinda thought this might be the case, as – they all seem to love you, think of you as their protector, want to spend time with you, do good things in your name, get people to join them. But, yeah, then they kill each other and say, it’s in the Bible, it’s in the Koran, it’s here …

Again, just like you, many people try to express a kind of relationship with me in words – BTW that Kindle Fire looks real good, and gotta love Amazon. Something for everyone. It’s amazing really – how many people sell the same thing and in so many places. Some places have better savings, deliver on time, listen to their customers well, learn from their mistakes – I really love that you can do it all in your own home – no crowds to bustle and distract you, quiet moments, a nice refreshing drink and comfy chair. Competition isn’t so bad really, the most important thing is to get your message across. That’s why I joined Facebook. It seems everyone – no matter what they believe, no matter what shade or hue of skin they have, no matter what language – there is a common gathering ground and lighter moments, and they find time to come here and connect with others.

Thanks God, that seems to make sense – okay, I will add you. You seem nice. I look forward to getting to know you.

You too, Janet – gotta dash – if I’m not online too often you will understand, I love people – I need go chat with as many as possible, spread myself around a little, do some good stuff, poke a few, hug many. Have a lovely day…

Thanks, I have a lot I need to get on with, I tend to sit and think too much at times instead of doing. It really is a beautiful day here – I’ll just go and say ‘hi’ to some folks. Thanks for stopping my way.

EDIT: Thank you, Nica Mandigma, and your invite to join a 31 day blogging challenge. As I said, my head is in the clouds right now, but I’d love to join you all. I may very well become ‘off topic’.

I put this as my status on Facebook yesterday, and decided this morning, that indeed, it is good enough for a blog item, and so I enter it for day one… Elevator Pitch. I mean, come on, you can’t get much higher than a light conversation with God, can you? 🙂

Uh-oh. Just did a word count on main text? 524. Think I’m slightly over the er, 100-150 guideline! But, another elevator message: It’s the joining in that counts.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch? …

Well, maybe one good thing can lead to another and provide a free lunch from the savings? Or at least a cup of tea or coffee.

I’m busy making enquiries and bookings for travel at the moment – got to love SUMMER! And, whilst I was at it, I thought I’d check out a site I’ve brought to you before: Martin’s Money Saving Expert Tips to see what promotional deals might be around for flights. And, I ended up looking at Cheap Travel Prices. I scrolled down a little and found a rather nice little deal: Free Two Month Family Railcard. This is a good deal for me personally as my 15 year old will only qualify until October. It also means that as you can have two named cardholders, her older sister can take her out without me and both of them save!

1/3rd off travel for two months could be a nice little saver for longer day trips (haven’t been to Carlisle in a long time?) – and since it is only available till the end of today, I thought I better pass it on quick!

There are many other travel deals via this link you can take advantage and again, the whole site is geared towards making savings and wise decisions on the daily outlays.


Happy New Year, 2013…

It is always nice to wish a New Year in, and although we all know we have the chance to change everyday, sometimes having a new building block can help us to focus on what needs to be done and ways to improve our lives, be it personal or business.

I don’t tend to make New Years Resolutions because one can almost feel that point of defeat before even starting.  However, I thought it a good practice to have something on which to meditate and reflect.  So here were my four points to ‘listen to’ and reassess.

During 2013 I will:

1) Try my very best to succeed in accomplishing the things I could not manage in 2012 with the understanding that changing the approach is more important than giving up.
2) Continue to reach out to my world in the hope that I can make you smile, spend time with you that leaves you feeling a sense of caring and honesty.
3) Unconditionally accept you for what you strive to be, whilst ever more hoping to strengthen my own vulnerabilities that lurk, and cause me not to trust or act – therefore creating an even better ‘me’ who can and will stride carefully and thoughtfully to help myself, and others.
4) Love, Live, and enjoy ‘Life’…

I also have been spending time today to think about ‘2013’.  Well, for starters, there’s that lucky number ’13’.

Over the last couple of years I have maybe struggled a little in my personal life to organise and prioritise the little things that keep a house going – I can do it later, often being my chosen venue of thought.  Then ‘later’ comes and there’s always ‘tomorrow’.  Sometimes kick-starting a day can take ages when in this frame of mind, and so,  I’ve set myself a wee agenda.

Finally, I am getting good at making lists – once upon a time even shopping would be random.  Still is, to a certain degree – I love that sense of ‘surprise’!  But, that’s not so good on a day when the shops are closed and you discover, yes, you forgot ‘something’.

My lists are different, because again, in order to kick-start myself, I like to ‘play’.  I’ve mentioned play before on my Fine Print Page on Facebook.  I believe it to be important, no matter what age you are, to find a sense of fun in life and if that means adding a twist to the mundane?  Why not?  So, I add points – I don’t actually do anything with my points at the end of the day, but it is interesting and rewarding in a strange wee way.

My lists are not essential to life – they are not competitive or do or die things, but they do help me feel a sense of achievement.

So – 2013 is my year of ’13’.

The aim will be to put 13 items on my list daily.

One will be a randomish act of ‘thoughtfulness’.  I use this word rather than kindness because well, it’s good to bear others in both thought and in acts that help out.  It is rewarding to oneself.  Does that make it selfish?  Quite possibly.  All I know is, it gives me a warm feeling inside, that itself, relaxes the person you greet as me, as in, I am more approachable and less ‘defensive’.  So yes, stopping and thinking about others in my world and looking at ways I can contribute will be a good meditation.

Again, because it is ’13’, for fun, I thought, why not set one item that takes me out of my comfort zone?  Believe me there are many of those, and I have to admit, unnecessarily so.  So that accounts for two.

The other ten will include five items that cause me to do something physical – ie moving away from my desk!  I like to live my leisurely life here as well, as my interest in the net and computers/art, knowledge can all be found in this remarkable little piece of technology.   So, some stretching is essential!

I aim to make my items – do able, start able.  They are not always concise and I’m not looking to move mountains.  But I do believe, I can start to create a good pathway in my life that can allow me to stay random and quirky, but also move closer to my goals and spread a little happiness.

Happy New Year everyone! May your lives be filled with adventure.

A Wise Sage Bringing You An Offer of Thyme, Savings, Comfort & Joy!

This could really fit under two categories – I have another undercover for “Trawling the Net” for good websites I would like to share with you.

However, this one is definitely a place to bookmark and use!

Martin’s Money Tips has been one of my favourites for many years, he gives timely advice and sound financial reasoning.

As I still haven’t got the tree out the loft, written the cards or looked at purchasing pressies – his newsletter this week has given me inspiration.

I love the idea of Charity gifts (vaccinations against polio and eye operations, the gift of sight!) – something I wouldn’t normally think on –  for those who would prefer you didn’t buy them something they didn’t want! They’ll love you for being just you…

I like also the stress he puts on making it a fun and loving time without putting your family finances under strain and entering debt nets. The IOU gift voucher sounds perfect… heh. The shops may just catch on though and move their sales.

Anyway, hope this proves useful to someone out there.

Money Saving Expert

December … is for the Children.

This month I very much wanted to contribute in some small way to raise awareness for Children. Whilst walking through the Kingsgate Shopping Centre today – I saw a couple of boxes to donate presents and decided when I came home to research ‘Cash For Kids’.

On Radio Forth’s webpage it says:

“Cash for Kids is the official charity of Radio Forth.

We have been helping children in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife for over 30 years.

Cash for Kids helps children who are disadvantaged through poverty, sick or disabled. We also help groups and organisations that work to improve the lives of children. We are always looking for individuals and organisations to get involved with Cash for Kids and help us to raise more funds. …”

Registered Charity Number: SCO 41421
Contact Cash for Kids Tel: 0131 475 1332

Cash for Kids,
Radio Forth,
Forth House,
Forth Street,

You can visit their website here: Radio Forth’s Cash for Kids – Children’s Charity They have a YouTube Channel where you can see several videos for their cause: ForthOne973

And you can donate directly online here**: Donate to Radio Forth’s Cash For Kids Online

Anyone reading who is interested in sponsoring Cash For Kids and gaining an extra link to their own business website via the Fine Print Dunfermline Business Directory – online, wherever there is a link space labelled “Enhanced listing available here” up for grabs on any page or new category (I can create the page especially for you to get top link if it doesn’t exist) – please get in touch with me.

100% of the £10 suggested will go straight to Radio Forth’s Cash For Kids by your direct donation online via the link provided above**. Please let me know if you are doing this so that I can update your details where requested.

Even if you are not interested in being a part of the directory, please do consider donating!

Thanks again.

Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline – 3rd – 9th December, 2012

poster for craft event dunfermline
Daft for Crafts – Christmas Craft Market – Kingsgate Shopping Centre 3-9.12.12

Are you in Dunfermline Town this weekend? Looking for something special as a gift? Why not come and explore the wonderful Christmas Craft Market taking place from 3rd – 9th December in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre? (Op. Debenhams next to escalators downstairs.)

Take a few minutes now to browse the beautiful items on display!

photo of display sign
Daft for Crafts – Display Sign at Christmas Craft Market 3rd – 9th December, 2012

Daft for Crafts are a local company in Dalgety Bay who have started up a small craft centre easy to reach in the Fife area.

They offer a wide variety of courses, e.g. Stained Glass, Bead Making / Lampwork, Decopatch, Origami, Card Making, Felting, Silver Clay / PMC and Silver Jewellery.

With a New Year around the corner, how about learning a new skill? Or maybe the gift of a course would make an unique present for Christmas?

They also offer Children’s Craft Parties; craft evenings for Hen Days, Craft Demonstrations and organize Craft Events and Craft Fayres.

Why not visit their website here to find out more about what’s on offer?: Daft for Crafts

photo of items up close Christmas Craft Market
Daft for Crafts – Display at Christmas Craft Market
3rd – 9th December, 2012
segment photo of daft for crafts 2
Daft for Crafts – Display at Christmas Craft Market 3rd – 9th December, 2012
photo of Earthen Images stall at Christmas Craft Market Dec 2012
Earthen Images Handmade Ceramics at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012

Love cats?

You will these!


Hand Crafted Pottery CATS, DOGS AND HIGHLAND COWS. Comissioned HOUSE SIGNS.

* ~ * * * ~ *

From cats to Cosy; with these chilly days and icy winds, how about something snuggly?

photo of knitted items by Knitted for you
Knitted For You at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012
photo of tree decorations
c/o Knitted For You at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012

After a chilly, long day, what’s nicer than soaking in a warm bath with your favourite smells and soaps?

photo image lather good soap
Lather Good Soap at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012

Lather Good Soaps are a newly established company based in Glenrothes, Fife, whose aim is to supply high quality handmade soaps and bath products at affordable prices, the focus being on offering multi buy deals and gifts enabling them to give better prices on products and postage. They will be extending their range regularly as they want to offer a wide selection of lovely and quirky products not usually available on the high street.

They also provide wedding favours tailored to your individual needs and can offer a large and varied selection of styles to compliment your wedding theme.

There are lots of very pretty items on Joyce’s Jewellery stall:

photo of display items on stall
Beautiful pearls and beads bracelet
photo of part of stall display
Joyce’s Jewellery display 2







Maybe it’s time for something to eat? And how about a relish to accompany. I was delighted to find this stall:

photo of Chillilicious Gifts
Chillilicious at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012
photo of Chillilicious products
Chillilicious at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012


“…Chillilicious is Scotland’s first and only chilli farm, making us the most Northerly chilli farm in the UK! Run by Patricia and Stacey Galfskiy, a Mother/Daughter team, we produce delicious chilli food products and handmade chilli inspired glass art that blends our combined love of food and art….”




Have you bought all your Christmas cards?

How about this for an unique way of greeting folks, along with a growable tree? The wee tree is made from paper mache and has chilli seeds embedded. Full instructions how to plant are on the back of the card! Guaranteed to put the heat into your heart!

photo of Christmas Card with tree on made from chilli seeds
Plant a tree for Christmas

Talking about plants:

photo image Varrie Wardrope 2
Varrie Wardrope Creative Design at
Christmas Craft Market,
Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012
photo image of stall for Varrie Wardrope Creative Design
Varrie Wardrope Creative Design at Christmas Craft Market,
Dunfermline 3-9 December, 2012

CREATIVE DESIGN with Flowers is a bespoke floral design company based in Dunfermline, which prides itself in creating unique flower arrangements to meet our customer’s individual needs and budgets.
We supply only made to order designs – whatever the occasion, using top grade flowers. We guarantee freshness and quality, as well as a very personal service tailored to your requirements.





How about some ambient candles to warm your evenings?

photo of stall at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline
Sue’s Candle Creations at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012

Sue specialises in Fun and Novelty candles which are designed to make you smile as well as featuring a few of the classics.

Her range changes seasonally as she is always on the look out to add new and exciting things, so if you like what you see, please become a regular visitor and return back to see what’s new.

Let me also introduce you to Monica Wiggins and Mi Jewellery:

photo 2 Mi Jewellery
Mi Jewellery at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012
photo of Mi Jewellery
Mi Jewellery at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012
photo Mi Jewellery segment of stall at Christmas Craft market
Mi Jewellery at Christmas Craft Market, Dunfermline 3rd – 9th, 2012

I first saw Monica’s wonderful jewellery in Create-a-cloud exhibition room up near Costa’s in Town. Then, I found her being recommended via a page I had liked on Facebook. Today, I got to meet her, ‘Hello Monica!’

There a few more stalls and I apologize for not managing to catch you all, you may have been talking to a customer and I didn’t want to disturb you!

I hope people viewing this post will enjoy browsing, come visit the Christmas Craft Market Event and if you can’t manage this weekend, please check out their websites where given and support our local very talented arts and crafts folk.

Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE:  You can zoom in closer to view these images by just clicking on the photos.

You Gotta Be In It To Win It!

This was my status, 11 hours ago at the beginning of the day… amazingly nobody asked why?

“Janet Ann Morden
11 hours ago
is trying very hard to suppress laughter, but try as she might, she’s a barrel of giggles… every time she thinks about it. Oh boy! 😀
Like ·
Dave *** likes this.”

Dave liked it – so that’s good 😀

Why am I posting it again? Well, see, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum… maybe not the forum, heh. When I was on Facebook would be more the case.

Or not. Let’s get back to the root of the story.

A few years ago, I worked for a Keynote Motivational Speaker as a PA – a Virtual PA. I really enjoyed those years. Robin has a very keen sense of humour and a way of making everyone feel positive about themselves. He’d delivered speeches to Fortune 500 companies (Microsoft, IBM, Ford General Motors, Coca Cola). I was privileged enough to be able to transcribe at least two of his books. Best work ever – you wake up and start your day with a smile, and carry that smile throughout. No matter what I was tackling in my personal life, it didn’t matter, my work made me feel good.

Cutting to the chase here. This is the funny bit, to me. Robin would often say in his writing – “You have to be in it to win it.” His example could be how people would forever be down on their luck about never winning the lottery, but they never bought a ticket.

He’s dead right you know. You really do have to join in, put your faith in what you are doing, give it 100% commitment. If you don’t, why should anyone else believe in you? You know what it is you want out of life, you can see the steps you need to take but you hesitate and then… the moment is lost.

Okay, here’s the funny bit. Yeah, I kept you waiting long enough, right?

The other day my friend Bruce said, “Someone buy me a Powerball ticket!” I kinda thought this funny because, well, he’s an American – and er, surely … anyhow, sometimes I think Bruce is a teaser… and I said, “Be careful what you wish for…” And then, “What numbers would you chose?” … he did say, and then I started looking online – for a giggle. I’ve never, ever bought a lottery ticket in my life for me. I have no illusions about the probability of winning… but, a part of me, wanted to join in. In my head, I was smiling because, what could be nicer than to win something for a friend? And what are the chances of that? Yes, little things like this make me smile. A lot. He’s a great guy and always supporting others – about time he got a bit of luck come back at him. Or not. Did it matter? No, it was the thought that counts.

The other thing you would know about me, ‘if’ you know me is that I have the worse luck ever! It’s so bad it makes me laugh!

Sooo, yeah, Google found an online site, I checked Scamadviser first and then, I placed his numbers. Then thought about what numbers I would chose – a one off spurious moment, and yeah, I took the plunge. I then closed down my computer (late on Monday, I think) and thought no more about it until I received my mail this morning. Didn’t even bother to check the numbers!

Guess what?

I won!

Be careful what you wish for! LOL

I’d be happy to share this with Bruce but, heck… now, and again, I try not to giggle – my winnings? £3! 😀

BUT the moral of the story really is, “You have to be in it, to win it!”

I am not saying everyone should go out and buy a lottery ticket. What I am saying is… dare to live! Have a little fun, and chase your moments, but more importantly be positive in your approach to all things – it doesn’t matter whether you win or not, it really is about taking part.

Oh, the Caviar was Fisherman’s Pie and the Champagne was Irn-Bru! Magic.

Bruce! When I finally get to meet you… The coffee’s on ME!

Movember Man!

As promised, this month’s chosen charity is Movember and in his own words, I bring you:


My family has persevered this month, and not just with the obligatory November Norovirii and other school-based plagues, they’ve also persevered with me. My 7 year old daughter didn’t cry when I shaved my mostly permanent beard off; my partner, Rachel, didn’t flinch when she saw my naked face for the first time in two years, although whenever I have shaved on a whim previously, she has reacted like I was an impostor, unable to look me in the eye.

The reason they persevered so well is because the reason I did it is a good one. Many of us will have some connection to someone who has had to deal with prostate and testicular cancer. I certainly have. So for the second time I decided to upset the family and grow a mo’ for Movember ( Movember and Sons – United Kingdom ). They’ve been brilliant about it, to the point where our daughter gets upset when she sees a man without a Mo’ in the month of November.

For my part, I’ve been doing a self-portrait each week (or close enough) and posting on the ‘tinternet for all to point and laugh at. You can see them here, along with the rest of my website: Movember – Self Portraits – there’s one more to come, on November 30, when I get to regrow my face fungus and vow never to do it again. Well, that’s what my family think.

It’s been an interesting exercise, from a professional point of view too. Self-portraits are an invaluable tool: for trying out new techniques, and also for showing yourself the concerns that a sitter may have in front of your lens. It’s an exercise that I’ll be continuing and one I heartily recommend to other photographers. Heck if I can make my face look acceptable, then pretty much anyone else is on to a winner.

You can see my other work here: Christi MacPherson – Photographer

Closing note from Webmaster:

Thank you, Christi, for agreeing to share your cause.

Anyone reading who is interested in sponsoring Christi and gaining a link to their own business website via the Fine Print Dunfermline Business Directory – online , wherever there is a link space labelled “Enhanced listing available here” up for grabs on any page or new category (I can create the page especially for you to get top link if it doesn’t exist) – please get in touch with me. 100% of the £10 suggested will go directly to Movember via Christi’s link.

Even if you are not interested in being a part of the directory, please do consider donating!

A Golden Moment In The High Street

Just after I finished my meeting on Friday morning, I wandered back into Dunfermline town and this guy caught my eye. Somehow, he’d managed to find an invisible chair in the High Street. And stay there.

I actually took a little clip of him from the side to start with, because, I tend to be a little shy. Then I wandered into the shopping centre and he was still there when I got back. Hardly ever standing up this man had incredible balance. I just had to get a little nearer.

I managed to catch him when the High School lads were on lunch break and they seemed to enjoy his act, heh.

Glad to say, he was well supported by many and yeah, thank you Golden Man for providing us with a little free entertainment to brighten our day.